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Fast Emergency Towing Service in the Ottawa Area

We all know that when it comes to our vehicles, it’s not enough to simply hope for the best. Preparing for the unexpected will help you avoid inconvenient or even dangerous circumstances, but sometimes, you end up having to deal with those situations anyway.

What if you find yourself stuck on the highway because you forgot to fill up your tank? What do you if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the night, in the dead of winter, and your children are with you? How do you handle getting into an accident with another vehicle? We don’t like to think about these scenarios but they’re quite common - just ask all the customers we’ve helped over the years!

Trustworthy 24-Hour Tow Trucks in Ottawa

Jonny’s Towing is a fast, friendly and trustworthy 24-hour towing company that’s always there when you need us most. We’ve safely and affordably towed Ottawa for over 10 years.  Ten reliable tow trucks and our team of roadside assistance providers respond quickly and work efficiently to get you and your vehicle where you need to go.

With a breadth of knowledge and experience behind us, we understand the importance of providing fast, friendly and reliable towing service that’s available 24/7. While we can’t undo accidents or emergencies, we’re proud to alleviate some stress associated with these situations for thousands of customers stuck on Ottawa roads.

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