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When You Need a Boost

No one enjoys dealing with a vehicle battery that’s run out of juice. Take, for instance, being unable to start your engine while your car is parked and you have an appointment to get to. That’s definitely inconvenient but dealing with a car that stops in the middle of the road is more than that; it puts you in danger. In either case, you want to get where you need to be…and fast.

Let the Pros Jump Start Your Vehicle

Perhaps your first instinct is to get a friend or a random stranger driving by to give your battery a jump start. Do you have the proper cables? Many people don’t understand the magnitude of the problems that can arise if a jump start is executed incorrectly.

For example, what if you accidentally hook the cables backward or don’t realize your car battery is leaking because you’re not trained to recognize it, you could end up causing severe damage to the vehicles, yourself or other people around you.

When non-professionals do battery boosts, there’s a possibility that the parties involved will experience:

  • Getting electrocuted and/or burned
  • Batteries exploding (the presence of a spark could ignite the hydrogen gas they emit)
  • Frying the car’s onboard computer, navigation and stereo systems

Trust us, it’s not a fun thing to experience!

Modern vehicles contain more complex systems than vehicles of the past, so there is a greater chance of something going wrong. That’s why enlisting the help of certified technicians in Ottawa who have the expertise and use professional boosting equipment is the smartest way to jump start your car.

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