Emergency Collision Response

When You Need a Helping Hand

If you are ever in a collision, and there are injuries to you, your passengers, the other driver or their passengers please call 911 immediately.

If there are no injuries, and you require a tow truck, please call Jonny’s Towing at 613-404-1234.  Our fast, friendly and reliable drivers will assist you.

You should also call the Ottawa Police Service’s Communication Centre, 613-230-6211.  They will ask you questions, assess your situation and instruct you on how to file your collision report in person.  The operator may refer you to one of three, Ottawa area Collision Reporting Centres.

Jonny's will tow you to the nearest Collision Reporting Centre, or the address of your choosing.

Helpful Tips

No one ever plans on being in a collision, but it’s always best to be prepared just in case. In the event you have been in a collision write down the following information:

  • Obtain the other driver’s contact information
    • Phone numbers (home and cell)
    • Email address
  • Driver’s license information
    • License number
    • Class (G, G1, G2 etc.)
    • Name, as it appears on the license
  • Vehicle ownership
    • License plate, make and model of vehicle and owner’s name
  • Insurance
    • Policy number, name of insurance company, name of insured

You should know that it is illegal for a tow truck driver to approach a driver at a collision without having been called in by either the police or the motorist. Tow trucks are not allowed within 100 meters of a collision unless they have been formally solicited by police, the driver or the driver’s insurance company. If another tow truck arrives on the scene, please tell the driver you have already called Jonny's Towing.

Jonny’s Towing always takes the time to ensure you are safe and secure before we begin hooking up your vehicle. We are always upfront and honest with our services. There are never any hidden fees and you are always treated in the same way we treat our own family and friends.

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