We Provide Reliable Emergency Spare Tire Changes

Fast Spare Tire Changes for Motorists in the Ottawa Area

As an Ottawa driver, there are several ways you that your vehicle can get a flat tire: bumpy roads, potholes, valve stem leaks, driving over sharp objects left by construction, vandalism and so much more. Getting stranded on a busy road with a flat tire is not only frustrating but dangerous too.

Jonny’s Towing has changed countless spare tires for drivers all around the city. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to getting you back on the road safely and quickly.

Things to Know About Having a Flat Tire

  • Don’t abruptly turn or brake; take your foot off the gas and gradually slow down to find a safe and level area to stop
  • Once you’re parked, turn on your hazard lights
  • Changing a tire requires significant physical strength as lug nuts are bolted tightly and wheels are heavy
  • Even if you’re able to drive on a flat tire or one that’s slowly losing air, keep in mind that the longer you do so, the less likely it can be repaired
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